Top 10 Korean comedies of all time

When it comes to Korean Drama, people often think of romantic and romantic movies, but not so that other films don’t attract audiences. In particular, comedy is a genre that is also popular. Let’s review Korean Drama comedies that are rated the best ever!

1. My Sassy Girl – 2001
Genre: comedy, romance

Director: Kwak Jae Yong

Duration: 123 minutes

The goose girl tells the true story written in a book. The film revolves around the guy Gyeon Woo – a naive, kind student. One day, he met a beautiful but drunk girl calling him “darling” and fainted. Due to his concern with those around him, Gyeon Woo had to take care of that girl. From here, his life began to change. The film has the participation of many famous actors like Cha Tae Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Han Jin Hee … The gutted girl has become a “blockbuster” that attracts many viewers in many countries.

2. High kick – 2006
Category: Situational comedy (sitcom)
Director: Kim Byung Wook
Episode number: 167 episodes
Duration: 20 minutes / episode

The family is No. 1 telling the daily story of family members of three generations of Lee’s family living in Seol. The film attracts viewers by having fun, humorous stories, romantic love stories and sending many meaningful messages about family feelings. Another interesting thing is that the characters in the film mostly take real names in real life, with beautiful and famous actors such as Na Moon Hee, Park Min Young, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Bum, Jung II Woo …
The family is No. 1 is one of Korea’s most popular comedy films, the only movie in Korean television history that when broadcast again the viewer ratings were even higher when it first aired, and also is the only situation comedy drama that both major TV stations SBS and KBS bought broadcast rights. After the great success of Part 1, the film continued to release parts 2 and 3 with extremely good effects.

3. 100 days with Mr Arrogant – 2004
Genre: Comedy, romance

Director: Shin Dong Yeop

Duration: 95 minutes

Slave contract about Na Young (Ha Ji Won plays) – a beautiful, lively and daring high school girl. On the 100th anniversary of each other’s love, she was separated by her boyfriend. On the way home, Na Young kicked a can to vent her anger, but it was ironic that the shell hit the head of Huy Joon (played by Kim Jea Won) driving him into the wall. From here, Na Young had to do “osin” for Huy Joon for 100 days to pay the debt because the guy asked for a large amount of compensation up to $ 3000 but the actual damage of the car was only worth $ 10, after discovering Na Young decision on revenge. Happiness has not been long before, Huynh Joon appeared at her house as a new tutor, Na Young continued to suffer “abuse” by Huy Joon’s sullen jokes. The film gives viewers a funny but romantic situation. Slave contracts are one of the most popular comedies ever.

4. Welcome to Dongmakgol – 2005
Category: War, humor
Director: Kwang Hyun Park

Duration: 133 minutes

The death toll in Dongmakgol village is set in the 1950s in South Korea, this is the most intense period of the South Korean War. In the midst of such tensions and fierce bombs, six soldiers came from opposition lines (a captain of the US Navy, two soldiers of the South Army and three soldiers of the North Army). accidentally met in Dongmakgol village, a village with no trace of war. Here, many interesting stories, humorous but also full of emotions, express all the aspirations of soldiers on any battlefield. The death toll in Dongmakgol village received a lot of praise from the audience and the critics
The tank when not following the old path of war-type films has found its own way.

5. I’m Kim Sam Soon – 2005
Category: Emotional movies, humor

Director: Kim Yoon Cheol

Episode number: 16 episodes

Duration: 60 minutes / episode

The Drama revolves around the 29-year-old Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah), who is slightly fat, but very good at making cakes and guys
Rich, handsome, cold director Jin Heon (Hyun Bin). The first time “encountering” the two people had a “duel” drama
paralysis and determination will not be a team. Because he was confident that the two could not come together, Jin Heon and Sam Soon signed a love contract for Jin Heon’s mother to not cause him any more trouble. When two people start having feelings for each other
Ironically, girlfriend Jin Heon returned from the US and wanted to resume the love between the two. From here, the love triangle begins. My name is Kim Sam Soon. It was a huge success when the highest episode rating reached 50.5%, won the best film award at the 42nd Peaksang Festival Award and the Drama Festival Award (SDA) Seoul in 2006, In addition, the film also received many other awards for the main actor and the script.

6. Speedy Scandal – 2008
Genre: Comedy, romance

Director: Kang Hyeong Cheol

Duration: 108 minutes
Speedy Scandal tells the story of Nam Hyeon Soo, played by Cha Tae Hyun, who is a radio announcer with a peach blossom. Life is very comfortable, then one day he found out he has a daughter named Jae In and niece Ki Dong 6 years old. Due to being a famous person, afraid of breaking things, his career will dissipate, so Hyeon So let her daughter and grandchildren stay at home. From here, many funny situations took place in this 3-generation house. But later, the incident was discovered to create a great scandal for Hyeon Soo, he angrily chased Jea In and Ki Dong out of the house, it was at this time that he understood his feelings for two people like that. Which should have gone to find them, family reunited and
living happily together. The 30-year-old grandfather is the highest grossing film in Korea in 2008.

7. Secret Garden – 2010
Category: Emotional movies, humor

Director: Shin Woo Chul

Episode number: 20 episodes
Duration: 60 minutes / episode

In 2010, the Korean movie lover witnessed the outbreak of a fever named secret garden (Secret Garden). The movie is about Kim Joo Won – a handsome, handsome but very cold, handsome guy and Gil Ra Im – a stuntman who looks healthy. One day, two people strayed into a garden, they drank a stranger’s wine and the next day when they woke up they discovered that they exchanged bodies for each other … From there, a lot of humor, Romance has come to them. The secret garden with the participation of two famous actors, Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, has achieved a lot of success when receiving many awards at SBS awards ceremony and leading film award. South Korea Paeksang Arts is the 47th best drama award of the year, in addition to being among the best films.

8. Hello ghost – 2010
Genre: Comedy, emotional, horror movies

Director: Kim Young Tak

Duration: 111 minutes

The film is about a guy who intends to commit suicide due to falling in love, but before committing suicide the ghosts visited and helped him understand.
get the meaning of life so he changed his stupid idea before. The film gives viewers humorous situations, cheerful laughter, towards a positive, cheerful lifestyle and more emotionally.
Deep families are represented by ghosts with different personalities. The film features the movie star Cha Tae-hyun and other actors such as Lee Moon Soo, Go Chang Seok, Jang Young Nam and Kang Ye Won. Ma oi, hello mi is the 9th highest grossing film in Korea in 2010.

9. A Gentleman’s Dignity – 2012
Genre: Funny, romantic

Director: Shin Woo Chul, Kwon Hyuk Chan

Episode number: 20 episodes
Duration: 60 minutes / episode

Gentlemen’s gentleness or dignity is a film about the love story and career of 4 middle-aged men, Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun), Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro), Choi Yoon ( Kim Min Jong) and Lee Jung Rok (Lee Jong Hyuk) but most focused on the romantic relationship between talented architect Kim Do Jin and a strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul). This is a drama that marks Jang Dong Gun’s return after 12 years of absence on the small screen. The quality of gentlemen attracts viewers by cleverly integrating tragic situations in love interspersed with friendship and family affection of 40-year-old gentlemen.

10. Potato Star – 2013
Category: Emotional films, family, humor

Director: Kim Byeong Wook
Episode number: 120 episodes

Duration: 35 minutes / episode

The potato star tells about the Noh family – a family with people who are personal, strange and difficult to understand constantly happening situations when a meteorite shaped like a potato threatens to stab. down to earth. The film is marked by contradictions, funny situations of family members, bringing unexpected laughter but also meaningful and suggesting many thoughts for viewers. The film has the participation of many famous actors, a strong audience with names like Lee Jong Suk, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo In Na, Krystal Jung … Potato star deserves the movie second best comedy of kim chi you should not ignore.

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