Top 10 Best Korean School Dramas

South Korea has long been renowned for its films and cast “male and female” to love people. Although not as strong as European and American superstars, but the tall, white Korean boys and the beautiful female cast have created attractive Korean dramas, especially the ones. Dramas about students, about innocent love, pure but equally dramatic, interesting. And the following are the best Korean school dramas, even if you only watch them once, don’t forget.

  1. Boys Over Flowers

It was released in 2007, but for the 9x generation, this is still a film associated with their school days. With cult cast such as Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Huy Joong, Goo Hye Sun … meteor garden quickly attracted the attention of a large audience with ratting towering. With the new content when this is the “cover” version of the meteor garden of Dai but the love story is full of humor and touching between “Curly” – “Grass” at Shinwa High School along with the other phases. The dramatic beginning between two classmates really left many beautiful impressions in the audience.

2. The Heirs
With a strong spread in the community with the highest ratting time of 2012 -The Heir (The heirs) is always a bright spot in the drama village of korean drama at that time. With the pair of leading actors Lee Min Ho-Park Shin Hye, once more The Heir caused a huge buzz in the audience by being smart when selecting the hottest actors in Korean screens. With dramatic content, dramatic drama between the love story of the prince and the jar in high school the drama really brought many emotions to the audience when enjoying. In addition to the content and cast of “more beautiful than flowers”, the soundtrack is also one of the decisive factors for the success of the film in consecutive months. The Heir ost always tops the charts. Music in Korea like Love is, The moment, …

3. Dream High
Launched in 2009, the drama with the perfect combination of music and content and the beautiful 9x cast from popular groups like Suzy (Miss A), IU, … has become one alcoholic phenomena during that time. The drama tells the love story of the talented and talented girl Yoon Eun Mi and Song Sam Dong, a country boy, but always capable of sensing music with the JackSon-Huyn couple at a school. Create a famous singer. Difficulties in the process of training, the same problems, the bad jokes and situations waiting for the “debut” date are really emotional moments that the film brings to the audience.

4. School 2015
In the context of a high school with the appearance of two twin sisters played by Kim Hyun Jibthur, the drama quickly attracted the attention of a large number of teen audiences with content of age-old students. many dramatic and dramatic circumstances. The drama is about two sisters who live in an orphanage, her sister is adopted by a wealthy family and she has to grow up in an orphanage. After two years, the girl grew up and became beautiful girls. The sister with her childhood love and her super-handsome swimming classmate, or her younger brother and son, the school director, after 15 years of meeting again, and the relationship between cousins and these two guys will come out star?

5.High School Love On

The drama tells about an angel girl Lee Seul Bi with a lovely and lovely appearance and her mission is to bring the dead back to heaven but unfortunately, one day she accidentally saved people a classmate of the same age. Due to her wrong mission, she became a human with special abilities. In particular, the one she saved was her destiny, a handsome guy who was filial to her grandmother. me And will that love make her a real human being, or will she completely disappear from this world after just one year of trial? Let’s see it together!

6. Orange Marmalade
The touching love story between a vampire girl and a boy from past life has been recreated in a special gifted high school in Seul City. The girl is a vampire but very gentle, docile and very good at singing. However, being alienated by the human world and not accepting, honest vampires must always hide their true identity and pretend to be human to live with. But the needle in the bag also has a day out, what will Beck Ma Ri when people know she is a vampire, life will be hard and difficult for her but love once again shines And is it enough to erase all barriers between people and vampires in life?

7. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Pened by director Kim Tea Joon, 2011, the drama was broadcasted and attracted the attention of many audiences from home and across Asia. . How difficult will it be? Probably a question of many of you watching the radio. With a huge cast like Park Min Young, Micky Yoochun, and Song Joong Ki … the drama promises to be a big buzz in the Korean cinema in 2011.

8. Let’s Fight, Ghost! (2016)
The drama tells the story of the little girl Kim Hyun Ji who had been in an accident and coma for 5 years without regaining consciousness and the first-year university student of the economics department. After the concealment of her accident and the girl becoming a wandering ghost and amnesia about what happened earlier, she wanders around and meets the super-energetic Park Bong Bang, who sees ghosts, and she seemed to encounter her destiny when only he could see and save her. And what will be the fight between them and the ghosts, helping the deadly souls take place? And do they find out the truth of the demon who always follows and wants to kill them? What will their love story be like when the girl behind the tournament is resigned and has lost her memory of the boy? Let’s see it together!

9. Replay 1994
The drama with a lot of funny, bad and funny stories revolves around the story of his life recounted by a group of high school students in 1994. The super-disruptive games of the student days, the pieces of love squeezed the shoulders did not end Or simply the tricks, tricks to poke teachers of students who are not afraid of the sky without fear of the earth will surely make you extremely refreshed after the hours of studying and working hard and tired.

10, To The Beautiful You
To the beautiful you is a drama set in a national sports high school, only those with special achievements in the field of sports get into school and especially it is for boys only. But with the love of Kang Tea O, the high jump boy who won the Olympic gold medal, but after being injured, he couldn’t continue dancing, making Sully a disguised male student, determined to go to Tea O to revive spirit for you. How difficult it will be to live in a dormitory, when Sully is once again struggling to be with his idol but he is extremely difficult, but because of his great love Sully What do you expect and how beautiful will their love be? You look forward to it!

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