The last episode “Her Private Life”: The dreamlike ending that everyone envy

Duk Mi returned to study as Deputy Director and Ryan Gold proposed to her. And the other characters are all successful, living happily. This is a beautiful ending that the NSX of “Her Private Life” brings to the audience.

Episode 15 clarified the childhood past of all the main characters. Eun Ki has acted on behalf of Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) to tell the truth to Duk Mi’s mother who knew he was the old boy Heo Yoon Jae. Bit by bit, every little bit of the childhood of the three is reproduced. During the time Duk Mi’s younger brother passed away because he could not bear the shock of her mother, Ryan took care of him instead. But it was she who realized she could not continue feeding other children so she abandoned him. Continuing the truths and memories of witnessing his brother’s death made Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) extremely depressed.

Ryan Gold is willing to ignore everything to be with Duk Mi
Understanding the chaotic feelings that his girlfriend is enduring, Ryan gently ignores unhappy memories. He forgives and values love with the current Duk Mi. Thanks to ignoring the traumatic past, the true love of both is preserved and avoids the painful parting situations.

Ryan Gold and Sung Duk Mi have overcome all the difficulties on the road to the last happy shore. The next days are when they can enjoy the sweet fruits that they are worthy of receiving. Life continues as it is and is as joyful as it is for everyone. The first successful exhibition of Cha Si Ahn was successful, Cindy also proved her ability and talent for this art work. Duk Mi and Ryan decided to live together to not miss a happy moment.

The fact that Ryan was able to redraw a part made Duk Mi extremely happy but also gave her new concerns. She knew with his talent that he could not just be a normal director, he deserved to become a more famous author. In the midst of wondering about the career path of his boyfriend, Duk Mi received news that he had the opportunity to study in the United States. Thinking thoroughly, she decided to implement her dream of studying abroad and advised Ryan to join her in the US. This is an opportunity for her to learn experience but it is also a chance for Ryan to return to the art world.

Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) proposed to Duk Mi (Park Min Young)

Seeing the insight and earnest love that his girlfriend gave him, Ryan proposed to her in a touching way. He could not wait until the day he called her by his wife, he wanted the next few days to have Duk Mi standing next to him as a partner.

The last episode ” Her Private Life ” ended beautifully!
After many years of studying abroad, Sung Duk Mi officially took the position of Deputy Director of Chae Um Art Gallery in the joyful greetings of colleagues. Despite being a successful girl, Duk Mi is still excited to attend the idol’s show right after returning home. Not only her success, Ryan Gold also became a famous author warmly welcomed by the art world. Nam Eun Ki now has an object to learn, Eun Joo is happy to welcome a new member, Cindy becomes an experienced official and no longer overbearing. Everything seems to turn in the right orbit. A dreamlike ending for all characters.

Thus, the 16-episode long love journey of “Her Private Life ” has closed. Certainly, the film has brought to the audience unforgettable feelings right? Please continue to support the next cast of the film cast.

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