IU’s “Hotel Del Luna” launches Teaser and script readings

Photos of the fictional film reading “Hotel Del Luna” with the participation of Yeo Jin Goo, IU, P.O … were announced by tvN cable station.

On June 3, tvN is the producer of the movie project Hotel del Luna (호텔 델 루나), which has released a series of photos at the script reading of actors like Yeo Jin Goo, IU, PO … a number of other artists with director Oh Choong Hwan and Hong Sisters writers.

Role-playing characters in “Hotel del Luna”
Hotel del Luna is a fantasy film that tells the story of supernatural phenomena occurring at the mysterious hotel called Hotel del Luna, the convergence of wandering ghosts in the hall.

Yeo Jin Goo will play the role of an elite hotel, going through many things in the end he can also run the hotel.

While, IU will play the role of a grumpy, mean, cursed woman who is punished for her wrongdoing but has a beautiful, beautiful appearance.

Actor Shin Jung Geun plays Kim Seon Bi, former alumnus and bartender, who has worked in the hotel for 500 years.

Bae Hae Sun plays the manager of the room Choi Seo Hee, formerly the eldest daughter of one of the most powerful families in Joseon.

Block B’s P.O plays the role of Ji Hyun Joong, a doorman in front, permanently a young teenager after dying in the Korean War.

Mina (gugudan) takes on the role of Kim Yoo Na, the hotel intimidator and an intelligent trainee.

IU played a perfect role in Jang Man Wol’s character, embodying many of her thorny personality traits through cold, biting remarks to her temper. Yeo Jin Goo incarnated as smooth and stylish as Go Chan Sung but made people laugh when he showed his character as a secret lover.

The chemical reaction between IU and Yeo Jin Goo immediately attracted attention through witty jokes. It will be great when the audience can see the interaction between him and P.O.

Expected, Hotel del Luna (호텔 델 루나) will be released to the audience in July. Fans and viewers are waiting for this TVN Korean drama to air.

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